Wednesday, 24 June 2015

CSI-Crime Prevention Research Unit


Csi-Crime prevention research unit is formed on the 4th of July in 2014 by Associate Professor Dr. Aldrin Abdullah with a group of researchers involved from various backgrounds. Crime Research Unit is a national reference center on crime prevention that empowers and invites researchers from multiple backgrounds, which are interested in doing research, involves in the field of crime and crime prevention research. Most of the research done focuses on the crime in the built environment for example crime prevention in housing, territorial functioning and crime law in order to renew the body of knowledge in the crime research field. For the mean time there are 9 researchers that are active in this crime research unit. 

Aims of the CSI-Crime Prevention Research Unit

This CSI-Crime prevention research unit aims to be the first academician which focus to be the Centre of Excellence (COE).

The objectives are as follows:

1. Conducting research in the built environment

2. Reference center

3. Advisory panel

4. Consulting panel

5. Programs and activities

6. Awareness in the built environment